Thursday, December 28, 2006


Is it just me or did Christmas suddenly go from zero to sixty in about six seconds.

I realised after returning home that as much as I absolutely adore hauling the four of us clear across state with all of our necessary junk, it wreaks havoc on the kids and parents alike. The kids sleep like crap, become overstimulated, and pick up all sorts of nasty bugs, and the parents sleep like crap (thanks to kids), become overstimulated (thanks to kids noise), and pick up all sorts of nasty bugs (thanks, again, to kids). We did have a great time and got to visit with all of our relatives and friends from "back home" which is good, but I've been paying for it ever since we loaded up and headed home. I also have a sneaky suspicion that it's about to get a bit worse since Reaghan has a runny nose as of this morning.

On Christmas Eve Reaghan "aka Demanda" woke up around 3:00 AM and refused, and I mean refused, to go back to sleep. She obviously had never heard the phrase 'no creatures were stirring, not even a mouse'. Ugh. She finally fell back to sleep around 6:00, only to have the dog jump on the bed and wake her up. Yeah, the dog. We haul two adults, two toddlers, and a dog across state. Yes...we are crazy.

Once we were all up (6:00) the kids were a crack up, though. They loved their new toys and ran screaming all over the house in their new jammies. TMX Elmo was a big hit, and so was the Little People Farm. Once we got home we set up the tent and 'tube' that great grandma got for them...they went nutso in it for about a half an hour.

Now we are settled back in and looking forward to a friendly visit this weekend from some of those friend from "back home". Bill will be spending his New Years Eve cheering the Red Wings on down at the Joe, and I will be having a nice catch up with a gal pal of mine here at the homestead. Who knows...maybe we'll watch the ball drop.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Best we can do with toddlers

Here is our beautiful attempt at a family Christmas photo.
Merry Christmas!
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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Santa's Little Helpers

This is what happens when you accidentally leave the gate open to the room in which all of the wrapping is in progress.

(Thanks Daddy!)

The Skillz To Pay The Billz

The kids are up to alot these days. It seems like just last week they were throwing food everywhere and crawling up and down stairs. These days they are eating with a fork and spoon, starting to do stairs the "normal" way, and for the most part they keep the food on the table. Tonight Reaghan even fed herslef peas with a spoon! Reaghan also knows the doggie says "woof, woof", and Nixon is starting to vocalize a bit more (finally, whew). Reaghan will poke your eye out in her favorite new game of name the face parts, Nixon signs 'eat', 'more', and 'all done'.

Their latest new skill is getting into their carseats. This is really cute when you have the time, but isn't always convenient when in a hurry. I've kinda painted myself in a corner by letting them do it alot and making a big deal out of it, but now if I try to just drop them in myself they scream bloody murder. Come to think of it they are wanting to do alot for themselves these days...brushing their teeth, taking off their clothes, feeding themselves. Whats a mom to do?

We went to JJ today. In days past they would barely leave my they tear off to the playstructure without so much as a backward glance. Both the babes even sit in a normal chair there and eat their more high chairs.

I guess I really can't call them the babes anymore...but they will always be my babies.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Hi Ho, Hi Ho... I'm a sellout.

So I've finally caved to the pressure.

I'm going back to work.

I know...I have been working ever since the babes were six months old, albiet only alternate on call weekends, but I mean I'm really going back to work. Full time.

I've been kicking this idea around since the babes were about a year old. When they were infants, I felt so they really couldn't do without me. Now I feel like only a close second to Elmo. Now I know what you all are saying - the same things I said a year ago. "But staying with them is the most important and rewarding job you will ever have." I think that was true until about three months ago, but when it became apparent that the most challenging aspect of my day was how to get a catsup stain out of a size 18 month t-shirt, well thats when I caved.

You see...I never intended on being a stay at home mommie. I always pictured myself as a career kinda gal. Sure, I would have taken some time off even if I had only had a singleton...but I think that would have maxed at about six months...Definately after 15 months (when you hit the tantrum ages). Any other stay at home muma out there will agree with me - there are really, really great days...but then there are really, really bad ones. On those great days I feel like I could do this forever...but on those bad ones I feel like I'm losing my mind. I guess the highs and lows finally caught up with me. I've never been a roller coster gal.

I also really love what I do. No really, I do. I am aware that there are people out there who would find that highly disturbing, but the human body and its functions/malfunctions has always been a source of facination with me. Look at it this way - the human body is like an extremely complex high performance machine...and think of all of the guys out there who devote all of their time to worshipping at the alter of Porsche! So maybe what I do is a bit more messy, and definately far more stinky, but basically it's the same deal...we're just trying to figure out what made the engine blow, or why the tranny burned out...the list goes on.

So...I'm expecting it not to be the easiest transition, and I am fully prepared for the mommie gulit, but I really think that this is the best fit for us. We have found an incredible environment for our children, and I think I am cautiously optomistic about their transition. In a way, I really do believe that they will thrive in their learning center - and the extra socialization is always good for twins. Maybe I am just trying to deal with the guilt - but I don't think so.

Anyways...thats what you all are for.

Thursday, December 14, 2006


I was asked by a friend to update everyone on the vitals of the babes:


Age - 18 months, 25 days
Height - 32 inches
Weight - 25.5 lbs
Shoe Size - 8 Toddler
Astrological Sign - Taurus
Favorite Food - Meatballs, and anything not cold or sweet.
Favorite Item - Monkey Blankie
Favorite TV character - Elmo
Turn Ons - Food
Turn Offs - Teletubbies (scared to death)
Motto - "Eat, drink, and be merry!"


Age - 18 months, 25 days
Height - 32.5 inches (just shot up)
Weight - 22.5 lbs (soaking wet and on a full tank)
Shoe size - 7 Toddler
Astrological sign - Taurus (duh)
Favorite Food - Chicken nuggets, broccoli, rotissorie chicken.
Favorite item - Kitty
Favorite TV character - Elmo

Turn Ons - Juice
Turn Offs - Eating anything before 8:30 AM
Motto "I'll do it myyyyyyy waaaayyyy..."

Monday, December 11, 2006

Ho Ho Holy Smokes I'm Beat!

We had our big extended family Christmas party on Saturday here at our house. I decided to host it here because it would be much easier on the kids schedules - they would get a full nap, and could be put down for the night not too much later than normal. It was alot of fun and I was very happy that I had made the decision. It was a huge undertaking; decorating, menu planning, cleaning, and all the errand running that a large party entails...but it was a blast! Not only did the adults have fun, the kids heads were practically spinning off from excitement!

Speaking of spinning, here is a pic of Reaghan and her cousin Cassidy doing just that. The two gals danced in circles holding hands for half of the night. Reaghan adored having another girl around to play with, I think especially since most of their firends that they see on a regular basis are boys. Reaghan was on cloud nine.

Nixon didn't really play as much as the two girls did. He basically walked around stuffing his face with snacks and sipping on a cup of lemonade. You know...typical guys stuff. He did enjoy opening presents and was really impressed with a book that they received from Lauren (AKA baby sitter extrordinare), but mostly I think he loved the plethora of food. He looks a little stuffed in this pic.

Well, the kids are banging on the wall upstairs - thats my cue that they are done with nap. I'll have to continue this later....

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Lazy Day

Ahhhh...rainy days. The kids slept in this morning (8:00) and they will more than likely take a long nap. Rainy days seem to induce sleepyness, for the most part. Two hours ago they were running circles around the kitchen table and screaming at the top of their lungs. But for now...silence.

Even though its cold and rainy today, last weekend was beautiful! We went to McClumpha park on Sunday afternoon to get our play on before the cold sets in.

Sorry for no details...but it is a rainy day.
You'll have to excuse me , but my tea is done and the sofa calls!

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Houston...We Have A Dipper.

It's finally happened.

After all of the explanations, demonstrations, and exasperation...we have a dipper.

Not only do we have a dipper, but it wasn't with trendy mayo, or hoity toity ranch dressing.

That's was good 'ole Heinz 57.

Well, to be completely truthful, her first dipping experience was a dino nugget into BBQ sauce, but I wasn't out of my mind proud until she discovered the magnificent french fry and catsup combination. Why, she was so impressed she actually dipped her cauliflower, zucchini, and broccoli into the Heinz as well!

Why is this such a big deal, you ask? Our children have been born to a pair of dipping fanatics. Bill loves his salsa and hot sauces, I will try any dip, any time, any place. We are both rabid Heinz fans - we have been known to never revisit a restaurant after discovering an inferior catsup product on the table...and we're not even from Pittsburgh!

Speaking of Pittsburgh, I have to thank my friend Leighla's son Aaron for his part in the learning process. We had all gone to Red Robin for dinner a few weeks back, and Reaghan seemed interested in watching Aaron perform the classic dipping motion. I think he may have finally set her the path to dipdom. You know how kids are, anything their parents do is très passé, but what their friends do...well that's an entirely different story!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Here we are...Thanksgiving eve. A great time for reflection and thanksgiving (thus the name). I am trying so hard to remember last Thanksgiving, but all I can remember is that I was called into work on Thanksgiving, and that the babes were a handful. I think the Chateaubriand was underdone.

So here I am in 2006, Bill and Brent ran out for a manly beer moment, I have cornbread baking in the oven for dressing. The babes are sleeping. The house is quiet and full of the smell of the cornbread and the fire in the hearth. I have a full glass of wine.

Looking back over the years I realise it hasn't been easy...and trust me I have no expectations of ease for the next couple of years, but I think I am finally realising exactly what is important - what to be thankful for.

I am thankful for our health, happiness, and humility. I am thankful for what we have.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Are they Werewolves??

With all of the crazy nighttime activity and general foul moods around here lately, I actually checked a lunar calendar to see if maybe there is a full moon causing my darling children to morph into creatures of the night. No going, there is a new moon on Monday (cue Duran Duran), so we are no way near to the full moon.
So what gives? Last night for the fourth time in a week Nixon wouldn't fall asleep until Bill layed down with him in our bed, and he is our "good sleeper". Once he starts snoring, Bill attempts the ever tricky "Operation Crib Transfer" by crossing our very squeeky floors with said snoring toddler and potentially throwing his back out by trying to lift all 26 lbs of Nixon down into the crib without waking him, after which Bill must very slowly tip-toe out of the room and gently close the door. The mission takes like three minutes, which any parent will tell you feels like FOREVER when you are avoiding waking a cranky toddler. Well, Mission Accomplished and at 8:30 all was quiet.

Scene: Darkened bedroom, 4:00 AM
From down the hallway comes calls of "mama" from Reaghan.
I poke Bill and he rolls over and snorts.
C - "It's your turn."
B - "Huh?" Garbled noises. I poke him again.
C - "Reaghan's crying."
Bill gets up and goes to the kitchen for a cup of water (with a splash of juice for her advanced palate). He heads into the room and gives the cup to Reaghan who lays back down. As he leaves the room Nixon begins his patented "paint pealing scream". Bill goes to the kitchen and brings him back a cup of going. We let him howl for about ten minutes until Reaghan starts up too.
C - "Should I just go get him?"
B - "I don't care...I'm not going to get any sleep either way."

I scoop Nixon up from his crib and bring him to bed with us. After a few minutes it becomes apparent what the problem is. You see, Nixon is a finger sucker. Or, should I say, a finger connoisseur. Normally, he sucks his right hand index finger all night - that is unless his nose is so stuffed up that it makes the constant sucking a problem. I got up and got him decongestant.
Twenty minutes later I lay awake in bed listeneing not only to my darling husbands loud snores, but now my darling son's squishy finger smacking noises.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

The Return of Demanda

Oh. My. Gosh.
Reaghan has been a total pain in the rear the last three days. She whines all. day. long. I know she is teething and has a cold, but its sooooo hard to maintain your own sanity when you have an 18 month old following you around the house all day and whining for something. To top it all off, she is on another hunger strike. Yesterday she ate maybe a half a bannana and a few crackers. Today she ate three (yes, I counted) Cheerios and a pretzel.

Here is a list of todays tantrums thus far:
  1. Cried at the fridge for a juice box (7:15)
  2. Cried at me for putting food in front of her (7:20)
  3. Had a total meltdown when I would not let he have my purse (7:30)
  4. Sat in the middle of the foyer and whined for no reason (7:35 - 7:50)
  5. Cried in the den while pointing at the turned off TV (7:55)
  6. Cried when I wouldn't let her have the phone (8:10)
  7. Cried for some of her daddy's sport shake (8:30)
  8. Cried when he took it away (8:32)
  9. Screamed and bit me while I combed her hair (8:45)
  10. Had a fit on the stairs when we were leaving the house (9:10)
  11. Cried when I put her in the car (9:15)
  12. Cried all the way to the gym while pointing at the light in the car ceiling (I think she thinks its a DVD player like the one in daddy's car)
  13. Was having a total fit when I picked her up from gym daycare (11:20)
  14. Screamed until I gave her my sport shake (11:22)
  15. Cried all the way home from the gym.
  16. Refused to eat lunch and cried "mama" until I gave her the container of Cheerios to play with (11:40)
  17. Had another fit on the stairs on the way up to nap (11:50)
  18. Bit me again while I was changing her clothes for nap (11:55)
  19. Shoved her brother into the door (12:00) (Nixon cried for five minutes and he has a fat lip now)
  20. One last fit was thrown when I put her in her crib for nap (12:15)

Aahhhhh...blessed silance. Naptime.

I think I'll need a stiff drink by the end of this day.

Sunday, November 05, 2006


Here's some pics of Nixon and Reaghan getting their do's done at a new place called Cookie Cutters in Canton. They did a wonderful job and the place is fantastic! The slide was a super hit!!

Friday, November 03, 2006

The bird

I hate birds. Anyone who has known me long enough knows this little fact. They freak me out. Birds are vermin carrying, disease ridden flying rodents. I don't like the quick way they dart around, I don't like the way they tilt their heads, I don't even like the way they sound. They make me nervous.
Yesterday I was heading down into the basement with one of my daily loads of laundry when a bit of quick movement caught the corner of my eye. I turned, and this evil disgusting bird comes flying at me from Bill's workbench. I dropped the load of laundry and ran screaming back up the stairs...just like any sane person would.

I called Bill:
C - "You have to come home...there is a BIRD in the basement."
B - "How in the hell did you let the cat in without noticing a bird in its mouth?"
C - "I have no clue, but there is still a BIRD in the basement."
B - "Do you really need me now? Can I do it later."
C - "I suppose, but there will not be a stitch of laundry done in this house today."

For a moment I thought about blocking the cat door in the basement door, but I figured the thing would never get out of there without meeting up with a big black cat and that would solve my problem anyways. Gross or not, a dead bird is FAR better than a live one. I decided instead to take my mind off of the filty thing with some mindless internet viewing. As I surfed away, I could hear the thing in the wall behind the closet in the office. Our home is a tri-level, and the office closet backs somewhat into our cedar storage closet in the basement. After a while the fluttering stopped and I didn't hear a thing the rest of the day.

When Bill got home we armed ourselves with a broom and a Mag Light and headed out to do battle with the beast. We searched high and low in the basement to no avail. We tried throwing a rubber ball into the rafters above the cedar closet, but no telltale twittering or rustling was heard. We figured it had bashed itself to death in the wall and gave up.

This morning the kids and I returned from a trip to the gym and Target. I gave them some lunch and rounded them up to head upstairs to wash up for nap. I froze in my tracks. There, sitting on the banister in the foyer, was the beast. It was black with little white dots, and its evil yellow eye burned right through me. I screamed and the thing took off. It flew right up into the kids bedroom.

Phone ringing
B - "Hello."
C - "The bird. IT IS IN THE HOUSE."
B - "I thought I heard something this morning. Where is it now?"
C - "In the kids room, which is where we need to be right now, so I can't just close the door."
B - "Do I need to come home or can you handle this?"
C - "I hate birds."
B - "Cybill you cut dead people up for a living and you can't handle a little bird?"
C - "I guess. I'll give it a try."

I brought the kids downstairs and turned on the TV...somehow it was on a station that was broadcasting a Catholic mass...I took this as a good sign. I headed up to the bedroom.

When I got to the door, I eased myself into the room and did a careful sweep complete with a little darting look around the door (boy I watch too many cop shows). I found the beast on the window sill.
C - "Okay...I don't like you, and you don't like me, and I am sure you would rather be out there so lets just stay calm and we can get through this." (once again...I watch way too many cop shows)
I slowly reached up and eased the window open. The bird stayed quietly where it was on the sill. I slid the screen aside and stepped back. The bird didn't move.
C - "Go ON! GIT"
It took off out the window, and I collapsed into a heap on the floor.

I hate birds.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Halloween Fun!

We took the kiddos down to Plymouth on "Devil's Night" for the annual Downtown Plymouth Great Pumpkin Caper - this is a really super cool event where all the kids dress up and trick or treat door to door at all of the Plymouth retail shops. It was fantastic!

Nixon was highly impressed by an adult dressed like Gene Simmons, and Reaghan was excited by the many doggie sightings along the route - some were even in costume! We met up with some friends and their kids and even though we only did a block everyone had a great time.

Bill's aunt came across a bunch of old halloween costumes that Bill's grandma had sewen for his cousins, so we ditched our initial idea (cowboy and cowgirl) and went instead as a teddy bear (Nixon) and a bunny (Reaghan). Surprisingly it wasn't much of a fight to get them dressed up, and they even kept the hats on!

We didn't end up trick or treating on Halloween, after all of the fun the kids had the night before they were still pooped the next day. I think alot of that has to do with the time change - it sucks how long it takes to get them adjusted. We were just getting used to their new habit of sleeping until almost 8:00 when the whole deal got flipped over on us. They've been waking at 6:45 now. Yuck. Hopefully after this weekend they will be fully adjusted and back to their normal schedule.

One thing that Halloween reminded me of is the fact that "The Holiday Season" is right around the corner. YIKES!
So much for that plan I made back in August to be done shopping by the end of November - I haven't even started!

Thursday, October 26, 2006

"Single" Muma

Its off to Vegas for Bill...lucky schmuck. He left Wednesday morning, not to return until Sunday eve. When Da is gone, we fill our time as much as possible - like filling a very real hole in our existance. Nix and Rea do much better now than they used to, so it makes my life that much easier, but I realised today that they really do understand when he isn't around.

We were leaving to go to the gym, and thankfully Bill had taken my little car to the airport and left us the Tahoe. When the garage door opened, Reaghan pointed at the Tahoe and said "Da-Dee" and clapped her hands. My heart sank, "No honey, daddy isn't home. Daddy won't be home until Sunday." I held up three fingers, "Thats one, two, three more days until daddy is home." She gave me the same look that she gives me when I try to explain astrophysics, as if to say "whatever" and wandered out into the garage to check out some toys we keep in there. My take was that she understood that Da isn't here, but that she also understands that it is a temporary situation. Still, it kinda breaks my heart just a little when they expect to see him and he isn't there.

On an up note, I had my very wonderful sitter tonight so that I could get out for some sanity time! I have been "grooming" Bill's 15 year old cousin Lauren for a while now, and she has just recently started actually doing the double duty bedtime on her own! I can't stress enough how valuable it is to have someone you fully trust to "baby wrangle". I left the house an hour before bedtime and went out for a little Thai dinner with a magazine before meeting up with some gal pals at Dinner Thyme to make up some yummy food to stock the freezer with. We had a wonderful time, and I came home to find nothing amiss and Lauren's report that they went down just fine. Just a wonderful eve all around!

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Fowl Stalkers

First let me apologize to the masses for my long term hiatus from blogging. I was just whooped every evening this past week...I think it had alot to do with the weather. All I wanted to do after dinner is ride the magic sofa and watch Without A Trace. We had about 14 episodes on the DVR, so there was plenty of Pop Secret apoppin' every night (love the 94% Fat Free Kettle Corn).

On Saturday Bill had the fantastic idea about taking the babes out for breakfast at the Diner. I was a bit hesitant since they have showed little interest in breakfast as of late, but figured they were so used to the Diner (we are there almost every Friday night) that even if they didn't eat they would just kinda hang out. Nope. All they did was throw food and whine to get down from their much for breakfast out.

The real fun began when we got home. We had pulled into the driveway and started unloading the babes when we heard a commotion out on Lilley. Cars were stopped in both directions for a "herd" of ducks crossing the road. The ducks crossed our neighbors yard and stopped when they saw us. Nixon and Reaghan were absolutely frozen in their wonderment. I ran inside and got a bunch of bread and they both giggled and clapped as we threw bread to the ducks. When the bread was gone we went inside through the garage door.

About ten minutes later Bill opened the garage door to take out the trash - lo and behold the herd was parked in the garage. All the ducks were sitting there waiting by the door into the house for more food! He closed the door in a hurry.

B - "No way. The ducks are out there."
C - "Wadda you mean...they're still in the yard?"
B - "No...they are in the garage."
C - "No way." I went over and opened the door and this is what I was confronted with:

Not one to let an opportunity like this go without making it much worse, I had the bright idea of feeding them more bread in the garage.
Let me tell you one thing about ducks...they eat, they poop. Period. Then the kids got involved and scared the crap (literally) out of them.

When it was all said and done, Bill had to hose out the garage.
Between the ducks, two babes, two cats, and a dog I think we've had just about all the sh*t we can deal with around here for a while...

Friday, October 13, 2006

Hasta La Vista, Baby.

Ah Mexico. Land of the Tequila shot and Mariachi band. A haven in which exhausted parents can unwind and unhinge.

A land in which no one knows your name, and as long as you have pesos nobody really cares...

What happens in Mexico...stays in Mexico.

Yeah, right. Like I could deny all of you the juicy details!!

So we landed on time in the mid afternoon heat. The hotel was close, and so was the bar. After a quick change our travel companions met us at the bar where we began the process of drowning our "new Parent" sorrows in margaritas, cervezas, and tequila shots. We were traveling with some friends of ours who had a new baby in the last year, so it was all about the rest and relaxation. No planned excursions, no plans whatsoever.

Well, pretty much no plans. "The Plan" consisted of the gals having spa treatments the morning after our arrival, and after that anything goes. A play by play is really unnessary...highlights would be better:

  • Rolling around in the tidal waves at night with a bottle of champagne and giggling like a couple of thirteen year olds (the gals).
  • Watching football and Nascar on the screens at the No Name Cafe (the guys). (Note - IN MEXICO! They couldn't let it go even for a weekend!)

  • Dancing with a wedding party at Le Kliff (that would be me) and having the locals teach me how to move my caderas (hips in espaniol).
  • The oceanside massage while the guys slept it off (lightweights).

  • The Tequila and Wine Bar (sorry don't remember the name...imagine that)

  • Traveling with good friends.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Strangers in a Strange Land

Please tell me I wasn't the only one totally unprepared for the change of seasons.

I was rushing to hit my 9:15 spinning class and herded the kids out the door in just jeans, long sleeves, and a sweatshirt. It didn't seem that bad just dashing into the car, but on the long trek through the parking lot at the gym with the snow flying and the wind blowing full force I realised that I looked like a totally moronic mommy. At the daycare center all of the kids I saw had their hats, scarves, and winter coats on...geesh I feel like a dolt.

Beyond my own mistakes in preparing for the snow flurries, the kids were totally fascinated. While on the way to the car they both slowed way down and just kinda looked around in amazement. It dawned on me that even though this wasn't their "official" first snow, this was the first one they could appreciate. As I strapped Nixon into his car seat, Reaghan just stood there by the car repeatedly touching her nose - I think the snow was tickling it and she was confused as to what it meant. As we headed off down the road Nixon was laughing and clapping at the flakes whirling past the car window. Later, back at home and getting ready for nap, Reaghan was smacking their bedroom window as if she was trying to catch the snowflakes as they blew up against the glass.

Over my cup of tea during their naptime I thought about all of the things that they will experiance in the near future; first time playing in the snow, first time "helping" to decorate the tree, first turkey dinner on Thanksgiving. It makes me really want to try to slow it all savor every last sweet morsel of their toddlerhood. This phase is clipping by so fast, every day they are up to something new. Reaghan finally learned how to jump, Nixon not only identified his nose, but crammed his finger up into it to make a point. They both point at the bear in their book and say "Teddy". Reaghan puts my beaded necklaces around her neck and "combs" her hair. Nixon throws a ball overhand.

Please tell me I'm not the only one totally unprepared for the change of seasons...

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

If we don't take a wrong turn at Albuquerque...

We're heading to Mexico this Thursday (WOO HOO) and we'll be back the following Tuesday. Until then, please feel free to post any comments, insightful or otherwise, about what you would like to see or hear about in the near future.

Biker Babes

We took the kiddos to the first (of many) "biker" events that they will be subjected to until they are old enough to move out, or complain loud enough to hear over the pipes. It was the 11th Annual Great Lakes Regional Chili Cook Off and Bike Show in downtown Plymouth. It was a perfect fall day with plenty of sunshine and warm enough to go without coats. The kids had a blast looking at all of the bikes, eating elephant ears, and dancing to the band in the park. Bill entered his project bike into the show and, although he didn't win, there were several people buzzing about and taking pics of it. The day was a huge success and we capped it all off with a trip to our favorite Diner for dinner. We will be sure to hit the event again next year!

Saturday, September 30, 2006

The Five Things I Never Thought I'd Say

I was thinking today about how silly one sounds as a mother of toddlers. You find yourself saying the strangest things - they seem so normal to you during the moment, but if you stop and listen to yourself it's pretty hilarious!

  • Hey! Don't put your eggies on the doggy.

  • Please don't lick the cat.

  • Oh thank you...I've always wanted a chewed up french fry.

  • Please stop eating your shoe.

  • Is that dog poop Reaghan's carrying? No, just a rock. Oh is poop.

So what's next?

Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Ugh. I really didn't want summer to end. Looking back I'd have to say that it was a good one...I remember laying in bed last spring and saying to Bill "I have a feeling that its gonna be a good summer."
B - "Whaddya mean?"
C - "I don't know...I guess maybe since last summer was so crummy since the babes were so little. I just think that now that they are older and more interactive that it will turn out to be a great summer."

And it was.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Bon Appetite

Gerber makes these little meat sticks that Nixon and Reaghan absolutely adore...and I abhor. Imagine a those mini cocktail wieners...only made completely with canned cat food. It is so hard to believe that these things are actually nutritious, I can't ever bear touching them with my own hands. In fact, there is a definite process to how I serve these "tasty" morsels.
  1. Open jar and try not to gag as I dump out the horrid smelling, somewhat thickened juice in which the wieners are stored.
  2. Obtain lobster fork from the drawer. Momentarily reminisce about the days before children when we could actually afford lobster.
  3. Use lobster fork to spear the oddly squishy wiener.
  4. Remind demanding toddler that wieners do not appear on demand and it takes mommy a second to procure them for their enjoyment.
  5. Give demanding toddler number one the wiener whilst deftly using hip to keep other demanding toddler from attacking their sibling for said wiener.
  6. Spear yet another strangely squishy morsel and give to demanding toddler number two before all H E Double Hockey Sticks breaks out.
  7. Wonder why my children turn down ice cream yet happily cram stinky, squishy, room temperatured meat products into their mouth while squealing with joy.
  8. Blissfully remind myself that soon I will be in Mexico drinking a margharita.
  9. Repeat steps 5-7 until wieners are gone.

I just don't get how they can like wieners that stink like canned cat food, but then again they eat the dry dog food whenever they can so I guess it makes some sense.

Hmmm...I wonder what food group dry dog food falls into...

Sunday, September 17, 2006

A weekend with Daddy!

I was called in to work on Saturday and Sunday, which was nice because I truly miss my job and the people I work with. Thankfully my symptoms subsided on Friday, mostly due to my wonderful hubby leaving work early to let me catch some much needed rest. It must have helped, because I had a nice evening with my good friend...Kendall Jackson.

So Saturday I was only at the hospital for about two hours...there was a mix up in some paperwork so my case was cancelled. I got home just as the babes were heading to nap - tired from a morning with daddy. After their naptime, we went to Cost Plus World Market where the babes each got a silly new toy and momma got a wonderful Bordeaux. We had dinner at the local Red Robin, which of coarse the kids LOVE for all of the "flair" on the walls and ceilings. After dinner they each got a balloon...a high point for the weekend!! We left RR and headed to downtown Plymouth to hang out in the park and let the kiddos wander. The fountain has been revamped and is much more grand, much to the delight of the babes (and momma). Nixon and Reaghan mostly cruised around with their balloons and checked out the sights. There were some other people out enjoying the nice evening, and a few doggies as well (which makes for very happy babes). I am always reminded when we spend time in downtown Plymouth how wonderful it is to live in this area - how very lucky we are to have found such a diverse yet somewhat "hometowny" little nook to raise our children.

By the way, the Penn Theatre has reopened!! I was so happy to see people heading in to catch the evening matinee...great to have a local landmark back in action!!

Sunday I was called in again, to do the case that was cancelled Saturday. I was there most of the day and returned just as Nix and Rea woke from nap. It was a pretty lazy Sunday; we watched some Nascar, played with the babes, and then went to the store to pick up a nice dinner for Bill and I. Yummy steak and salmon with a veggi blend I made including fresh zucchini I picked from the garden...YUM!

So all in all a great weekend...I'll have some new pics up soon!

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Typhoid Mary

Reaghan's feeling much better today, practically right as rain except for the ugly vesicles on her hands, feet, and mouth. Unfortunately, she is the only one who is feeling fine.

Nixon woke around 1:00 last night with a weak cry - he was burning up. I tried to give him a drink...nothing doing. I managed to get some Tylanol into him and rocked him for a bit. I put him back down and he settled for a bit. Round 1:45 he woke again - still burning up. I took him to bed with me and partially undressed him to help cool him off. He snuggled in with Bill and I and fell into a fitfull sleep. About an hour later ehan he finally felt cool I zipped him back into his PJs and brought him back to bed.

He woke feverish again...but no blisters. He spiked fevers up to 102 most of the day, but so far (cross your fingers) no blisters. His appetite is down and he's a bit whiny, but overall so far so good. I'm doing about the same...fevers, sore throat, not much appetite. I know that the virus that causes HFN also causes Strep, but to this day I have never had it and I fully intend NOT to get it. So there.

Bill has no symptoms, but he hurt his back lifting weights the other day - between the four of us we make a pretty picture.

Speaking of's a few lovlies.

Various pics of Reaghan's hands and a nice pic of the tired out looking boy.

By the should all bow down to my camera you know how hard it is to get a clear pic of a toddlers hands?? I took about fifteen and only got three!

Chat later when we are well!

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

The Saga Continues

Just when things are going great...

Reaghan spiked a fever Monday night, and by yesterday she started getting this rash across her lower abdomen and diaper area. I assumed it was just heat rash from her fever, but lo and behold last night I noticed the sores.

They started as a few "canker" looking sores in her mouth, and what looked like tiny blisters on her toes when she went to bed last night. This morning they turned into ugly painful looking sores in her mouth, but the ones on her hands and feet still look the same. Nothing you can do for this other than Tylanol and fluids...just a virus. From what I understand, every toddler gets Hand, Foot, and Mouth before the age of three, but it doesn't make you feel any better when she is sobbing in your arms first thing in the morning before the Tylanol kicks in. I can't believe Nixon isn't sick...yet...

Thursday, September 07, 2006

The Moo Heard Round the World

In honor of the Plymouth Orchard's opening this week, some gal pals and I took our kids to see their petting farm and have cider and doughnuts. It was a beautiful morning, and despite my desire to nurse the slight hangover I had from our anniversary night out, I took my friend Kristen's advice and got my bootie off of the sofa. At first all was well, the kids were fine...petting the goats and goofing off. I had just dug my camera out to take darling cute kiddo pics when we first heard it....Moooooooo. A cute little "cowling" (my own word for bigger than a calf but not quite full blown cow) came out from the barn and ambled toward where Nixon was petting a goat. Moooooooo. Again and again, and VERY loud for a cowling I must say.
At first I was so excited, "Look Nixon, Look Reaghan! It's a cow saying moo!" and then the screaming started. Nixon flung himself against my legs pushing me backwards from the fence with all of his might while screaming in terror. "Aww..he wants to save mommy from the cow! Cute." Well, not so cute considering that the evil cow just would not quit. It came all the way up to the fence mooing the entire way. With each moo my son's screams gained momentum until he was beside himself. Of coarse, this was the moment Reaghan's face crumbled into tears as she threw herself on the ground sobbing. Great. Two babies both utterly (udderly?) freaked out. Thank God I had friends there. Marla scooped Reaghan up and got her preoccupied with some other wonderful orchard attractions while I took Nixon over by the chickens to try to cheer him up. A few minutes later it seemed the crisis had been handled and everyone was happy again.
After a bit we went inside for cider and doughnuts. Let me just say one thing - I have no clue why places designed for you to bring your children always seem to place plenty of stuff in their reach that shouldn't be. While I was busy hauling Nixon away from the cookbooks he wanted to "read", Reaghan was grabbing at other items in the store. It was one of those moments where you seriously consider one of those leash thingys. After 20 minutes of chasing them around I decided to just pack up and leave. I was exhausted, but overall not a bad morning for a twin muma.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Slacker Mom

Eight Years and Counting!

Ok, Ok...I know already! I havn't posted in a bit, but we had a really nice holiday weekend and I want to tell you all about it! I'm not going to right this sec, though. You's our eighth anniversary today and Bill is upstairs with the sitter getting the babes into bed so that we can head out for a yummy dinner (jealous, aren't you!). So I promise to post tomorrow - until then heres some pics!

Reaghan in the shower.

Yes, I know she has her clothes on...

But wadda ya gonna do?

The boy and his kitty.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Holy TP Batman!

This is what happens when you let a baby
run free while changing her twin.....

One roll of TP.....$ .30

One scrubby blankie.....$2.50

Seing your half naked baby running from you with a piece of TP stuck to her heel.....Priceless.

Cus thats just how I rock'em!

My son has decided that he is far to stylish for my manner of dressing him. As soon as I put his pants on, he hitches his thumbs into the waist band and begins an elaborate process of pulling them down onto his hips. The end product being a rap styled look of 2-3 inches of diaper before his pants start - very hip. I'm not exactly sure when it started, but it began right around the time he started standing "at ease". The "at ease" stance looks very cute when combined with some cammo pants and a tan or olive t-shirt. He stands with both legs apart and his hands clasped behind his back - maybe its a political statement of solidarity with our troops overseas...or maybe he is just trying to reach his pockets thinking "As soon as I can use em' I can have a wallet like Da's". Either way - too cute.