Friday, November 17, 2006

Are they Werewolves??

With all of the crazy nighttime activity and general foul moods around here lately, I actually checked a lunar calendar to see if maybe there is a full moon causing my darling children to morph into creatures of the night. No going, there is a new moon on Monday (cue Duran Duran), so we are no way near to the full moon.
So what gives? Last night for the fourth time in a week Nixon wouldn't fall asleep until Bill layed down with him in our bed, and he is our "good sleeper". Once he starts snoring, Bill attempts the ever tricky "Operation Crib Transfer" by crossing our very squeeky floors with said snoring toddler and potentially throwing his back out by trying to lift all 26 lbs of Nixon down into the crib without waking him, after which Bill must very slowly tip-toe out of the room and gently close the door. The mission takes like three minutes, which any parent will tell you feels like FOREVER when you are avoiding waking a cranky toddler. Well, Mission Accomplished and at 8:30 all was quiet.

Scene: Darkened bedroom, 4:00 AM
From down the hallway comes calls of "mama" from Reaghan.
I poke Bill and he rolls over and snorts.
C - "It's your turn."
B - "Huh?" Garbled noises. I poke him again.
C - "Reaghan's crying."
Bill gets up and goes to the kitchen for a cup of water (with a splash of juice for her advanced palate). He heads into the room and gives the cup to Reaghan who lays back down. As he leaves the room Nixon begins his patented "paint pealing scream". Bill goes to the kitchen and brings him back a cup of going. We let him howl for about ten minutes until Reaghan starts up too.
C - "Should I just go get him?"
B - "I don't care...I'm not going to get any sleep either way."

I scoop Nixon up from his crib and bring him to bed with us. After a few minutes it becomes apparent what the problem is. You see, Nixon is a finger sucker. Or, should I say, a finger connoisseur. Normally, he sucks his right hand index finger all night - that is unless his nose is so stuffed up that it makes the constant sucking a problem. I got up and got him decongestant.
Twenty minutes later I lay awake in bed listeneing not only to my darling husbands loud snores, but now my darling son's squishy finger smacking noises.

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Pam said...

"Operation Crib Transfer"...
We do that every night, after the girls fall asleep during their nighttime bottle. 3 minutes is an ETERNITY!!!