Thursday, September 07, 2006

The Moo Heard Round the World

In honor of the Plymouth Orchard's opening this week, some gal pals and I took our kids to see their petting farm and have cider and doughnuts. It was a beautiful morning, and despite my desire to nurse the slight hangover I had from our anniversary night out, I took my friend Kristen's advice and got my bootie off of the sofa. At first all was well, the kids were fine...petting the goats and goofing off. I had just dug my camera out to take darling cute kiddo pics when we first heard it....Moooooooo. A cute little "cowling" (my own word for bigger than a calf but not quite full blown cow) came out from the barn and ambled toward where Nixon was petting a goat. Moooooooo. Again and again, and VERY loud for a cowling I must say.
At first I was so excited, "Look Nixon, Look Reaghan! It's a cow saying moo!" and then the screaming started. Nixon flung himself against my legs pushing me backwards from the fence with all of his might while screaming in terror. "Aww..he wants to save mommy from the cow! Cute." Well, not so cute considering that the evil cow just would not quit. It came all the way up to the fence mooing the entire way. With each moo my son's screams gained momentum until he was beside himself. Of coarse, this was the moment Reaghan's face crumbled into tears as she threw herself on the ground sobbing. Great. Two babies both utterly (udderly?) freaked out. Thank God I had friends there. Marla scooped Reaghan up and got her preoccupied with some other wonderful orchard attractions while I took Nixon over by the chickens to try to cheer him up. A few minutes later it seemed the crisis had been handled and everyone was happy again.
After a bit we went inside for cider and doughnuts. Let me just say one thing - I have no clue why places designed for you to bring your children always seem to place plenty of stuff in their reach that shouldn't be. While I was busy hauling Nixon away from the cookbooks he wanted to "read", Reaghan was grabbing at other items in the store. It was one of those moments where you seriously consider one of those leash thingys. After 20 minutes of chasing them around I decided to just pack up and leave. I was exhausted, but overall not a bad morning for a twin muma.

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