Thursday, October 12, 2006

Strangers in a Strange Land

Please tell me I wasn't the only one totally unprepared for the change of seasons.

I was rushing to hit my 9:15 spinning class and herded the kids out the door in just jeans, long sleeves, and a sweatshirt. It didn't seem that bad just dashing into the car, but on the long trek through the parking lot at the gym with the snow flying and the wind blowing full force I realised that I looked like a totally moronic mommy. At the daycare center all of the kids I saw had their hats, scarves, and winter coats on...geesh I feel like a dolt.

Beyond my own mistakes in preparing for the snow flurries, the kids were totally fascinated. While on the way to the car they both slowed way down and just kinda looked around in amazement. It dawned on me that even though this wasn't their "official" first snow, this was the first one they could appreciate. As I strapped Nixon into his car seat, Reaghan just stood there by the car repeatedly touching her nose - I think the snow was tickling it and she was confused as to what it meant. As we headed off down the road Nixon was laughing and clapping at the flakes whirling past the car window. Later, back at home and getting ready for nap, Reaghan was smacking their bedroom window as if she was trying to catch the snowflakes as they blew up against the glass.

Over my cup of tea during their naptime I thought about all of the things that they will experiance in the near future; first time playing in the snow, first time "helping" to decorate the tree, first turkey dinner on Thanksgiving. It makes me really want to try to slow it all savor every last sweet morsel of their toddlerhood. This phase is clipping by so fast, every day they are up to something new. Reaghan finally learned how to jump, Nixon not only identified his nose, but crammed his finger up into it to make a point. They both point at the bear in their book and say "Teddy". Reaghan puts my beaded necklaces around her neck and "combs" her hair. Nixon throws a ball overhand.

Please tell me I'm not the only one totally unprepared for the change of seasons...

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Viscouse said...

Not only the change in seasons, but the loss of babyhood. I'm currently struggling with trying to remember only the past 9 months as they fly by. So much happened, why can't I remember much of it?

I guess that's why we blog :)