Sunday, September 17, 2006

A weekend with Daddy!

I was called in to work on Saturday and Sunday, which was nice because I truly miss my job and the people I work with. Thankfully my symptoms subsided on Friday, mostly due to my wonderful hubby leaving work early to let me catch some much needed rest. It must have helped, because I had a nice evening with my good friend...Kendall Jackson.

So Saturday I was only at the hospital for about two hours...there was a mix up in some paperwork so my case was cancelled. I got home just as the babes were heading to nap - tired from a morning with daddy. After their naptime, we went to Cost Plus World Market where the babes each got a silly new toy and momma got a wonderful Bordeaux. We had dinner at the local Red Robin, which of coarse the kids LOVE for all of the "flair" on the walls and ceilings. After dinner they each got a balloon...a high point for the weekend!! We left RR and headed to downtown Plymouth to hang out in the park and let the kiddos wander. The fountain has been revamped and is much more grand, much to the delight of the babes (and momma). Nixon and Reaghan mostly cruised around with their balloons and checked out the sights. There were some other people out enjoying the nice evening, and a few doggies as well (which makes for very happy babes). I am always reminded when we spend time in downtown Plymouth how wonderful it is to live in this area - how very lucky we are to have found such a diverse yet somewhat "hometowny" little nook to raise our children.

By the way, the Penn Theatre has reopened!! I was so happy to see people heading in to catch the evening matinee...great to have a local landmark back in action!!

Sunday I was called in again, to do the case that was cancelled Saturday. I was there most of the day and returned just as Nix and Rea woke from nap. It was a pretty lazy Sunday; we watched some Nascar, played with the babes, and then went to the store to pick up a nice dinner for Bill and I. Yummy steak and salmon with a veggi blend I made including fresh zucchini I picked from the garden...YUM!

So all in all a great weekend...I'll have some new pics up soon!

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Brent said...

Bill tells us the real story!!!!