Thursday, September 21, 2006

Bon Appetite

Gerber makes these little meat sticks that Nixon and Reaghan absolutely adore...and I abhor. Imagine a those mini cocktail wieners...only made completely with canned cat food. It is so hard to believe that these things are actually nutritious, I can't ever bear touching them with my own hands. In fact, there is a definite process to how I serve these "tasty" morsels.
  1. Open jar and try not to gag as I dump out the horrid smelling, somewhat thickened juice in which the wieners are stored.
  2. Obtain lobster fork from the drawer. Momentarily reminisce about the days before children when we could actually afford lobster.
  3. Use lobster fork to spear the oddly squishy wiener.
  4. Remind demanding toddler that wieners do not appear on demand and it takes mommy a second to procure them for their enjoyment.
  5. Give demanding toddler number one the wiener whilst deftly using hip to keep other demanding toddler from attacking their sibling for said wiener.
  6. Spear yet another strangely squishy morsel and give to demanding toddler number two before all H E Double Hockey Sticks breaks out.
  7. Wonder why my children turn down ice cream yet happily cram stinky, squishy, room temperatured meat products into their mouth while squealing with joy.
  8. Blissfully remind myself that soon I will be in Mexico drinking a margharita.
  9. Repeat steps 5-7 until wieners are gone.

I just don't get how they can like wieners that stink like canned cat food, but then again they eat the dry dog food whenever they can so I guess it makes some sense.

Hmmm...I wonder what food group dry dog food falls into...

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Viscouse said...

You should save them in their baby books. Won't that be a treat to open in 10-20 years. :)

Those are the oddest looking food I've ever seen.