Wednesday, August 23, 2006


For the last week or so we have been having to wake Nixon up at night for a dose of antibiotics - he had infections in both ears. Up until last night it was going surprisingly well...too well. First off, Nixon will sleep through just about anything, so he barely wakes when we give him the dosage. Now Reaghan, on the other hand, isn't nearly as good a sleeper. Beyond even that, she has B's stubborn streak and refuses to go back to sleep without her dear friend "cuppa milk". So this is how it went last night after she woke during Nixon's dosage:
Scene - Darkened bedroom...muma C and dada B in bed, from down the hall intense wailing
B: So what are we gonna do about her?
C: She is NOT getting milk...I don't care if she screams all night.
15 minutes later...hell is breaking loose
B: I can't take this anymore.
C: So give her some water and rock her...she is NOT getting milk.
5 minutes later - Reaghan's pitch climbs a few decibels (she has just figured out it was good ole H2O not milky). I am laying in bed wondering if she has launched the cup at B's head and caused severe head trauma.
10 minutes later - B comes back to bed.
B: She's not happy. Why does she have to do this when I have to be to work early.
C: Because she is a rotten baby. (Note - very NOT a rotten baby, but at 12:00 at night you will say anything)
20 minutes later (a total of an hour from onset)
B: I've had it.
C: Just give her the damn milk!
2 minutes later - blissful silence.

I consulted the sleep bible this afternoon (AKA Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child) and Dr. Weissbluth suggests giving a cup of juice instead and slowly over time diluting the juice with water until the babe learns to accept water upon waking instead of milk.

Yeah...we'll see...

Have I mentioned that she is named after the main character in The Exorcist?

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