Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Halloween Fun!

We took the kiddos down to Plymouth on "Devil's Night" for the annual Downtown Plymouth Great Pumpkin Caper - this is a really super cool event where all the kids dress up and trick or treat door to door at all of the Plymouth retail shops. It was fantastic!

Nixon was highly impressed by an adult dressed like Gene Simmons, and Reaghan was excited by the many doggie sightings along the route - some were even in costume! We met up with some friends and their kids and even though we only did a block everyone had a great time.

Bill's aunt came across a bunch of old halloween costumes that Bill's grandma had sewen for his cousins, so we ditched our initial idea (cowboy and cowgirl) and went instead as a teddy bear (Nixon) and a bunny (Reaghan). Surprisingly it wasn't much of a fight to get them dressed up, and they even kept the hats on!

We didn't end up trick or treating on Halloween, after all of the fun the kids had the night before they were still pooped the next day. I think alot of that has to do with the time change - it sucks how long it takes to get them adjusted. We were just getting used to their new habit of sleeping until almost 8:00 when the whole deal got flipped over on us. They've been waking at 6:45 now. Yuck. Hopefully after this weekend they will be fully adjusted and back to their normal schedule.

One thing that Halloween reminded me of is the fact that "The Holiday Season" is right around the corner. YIKES!
So much for that plan I made back in August to be done shopping by the end of November - I haven't even started!


Viscouse said...

So cool! I never heard of that in Plymouth. Man I need to get out more.

On Nixon's List, he wants a Jungle Java card. I see a lot of things you do in Plymouth. Do you like Jungle Java in Canton better than Compass Cafe in Plymouth? (Personally I like the Cafe!)

Cybill said...

We do both, but for some reason we seem to hit JJ more. A couple of other twin pals of ours usually join us so I think we all just keep going back there for the main reason that it is just "what we do".

If you've never had them, try the french fries at Compass Cafe - they're those little shoestring ones and can be VERY addictive!