Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Here we are...Thanksgiving eve. A great time for reflection and thanksgiving (thus the name). I am trying so hard to remember last Thanksgiving, but all I can remember is that I was called into work on Thanksgiving, and that the babes were a handful. I think the Chateaubriand was underdone.

So here I am in 2006, Bill and Brent ran out for a manly beer moment, I have cornbread baking in the oven for dressing. The babes are sleeping. The house is quiet and full of the smell of the cornbread and the fire in the hearth. I have a full glass of wine.

Looking back over the years I realise it hasn't been easy...and trust me I have no expectations of ease for the next couple of years, but I think I am finally realising exactly what is important - what to be thankful for.

I am thankful for our health, happiness, and humility. I am thankful for what we have.

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