Thursday, April 12, 2007

Strangely Good Day

I awoke two minutes before my alarm went off - totally refreshed.
After my shower my hair didn't frizz.
The kids woke in a good mood and cooperated with getting dressed.
Nobody complained at breakfast.
The kids got into their car seats without too much of a struggle.
We backed out of the driveway on schedule.
I didn't hit a single red light on the way to daycare.
The kids kept their shoes and socks on for the whole trip.
At school, they walked right up to the door and into the classroom with no runaways.
The school was serving "fancy" coffees for parents.
Traffic on I-96 actually moved.
I got to work ten minutes early, got a great parking spot, and the shuttle was waiting for me.
On the way into Children's Hospital, the valet high fived me at the door.
During my morning break, I discovered that in a flash of creativity someone in dietary put baked apples in the oatmeal (yum).
My Starbucks wasn't too hot.

It is only 10 AM!!!!!

Such an oddly good day that I had to share...

1 comment:

Viscouse said...

Cherish it. Granted, I don't have the frizz problem at all, but I get where you're coming from :)