Thursday, October 26, 2006

"Single" Muma

Its off to Vegas for Bill...lucky schmuck. He left Wednesday morning, not to return until Sunday eve. When Da is gone, we fill our time as much as possible - like filling a very real hole in our existance. Nix and Rea do much better now than they used to, so it makes my life that much easier, but I realised today that they really do understand when he isn't around.

We were leaving to go to the gym, and thankfully Bill had taken my little car to the airport and left us the Tahoe. When the garage door opened, Reaghan pointed at the Tahoe and said "Da-Dee" and clapped her hands. My heart sank, "No honey, daddy isn't home. Daddy won't be home until Sunday." I held up three fingers, "Thats one, two, three more days until daddy is home." She gave me the same look that she gives me when I try to explain astrophysics, as if to say "whatever" and wandered out into the garage to check out some toys we keep in there. My take was that she understood that Da isn't here, but that she also understands that it is a temporary situation. Still, it kinda breaks my heart just a little when they expect to see him and he isn't there.

On an up note, I had my very wonderful sitter tonight so that I could get out for some sanity time! I have been "grooming" Bill's 15 year old cousin Lauren for a while now, and she has just recently started actually doing the double duty bedtime on her own! I can't stress enough how valuable it is to have someone you fully trust to "baby wrangle". I left the house an hour before bedtime and went out for a little Thai dinner with a magazine before meeting up with some gal pals at Dinner Thyme to make up some yummy food to stock the freezer with. We had a wonderful time, and I came home to find nothing amiss and Lauren's report that they went down just fine. Just a wonderful eve all around!

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