Friday, October 13, 2006

Hasta La Vista, Baby.

Ah Mexico. Land of the Tequila shot and Mariachi band. A haven in which exhausted parents can unwind and unhinge.

A land in which no one knows your name, and as long as you have pesos nobody really cares...

What happens in Mexico...stays in Mexico.

Yeah, right. Like I could deny all of you the juicy details!!

So we landed on time in the mid afternoon heat. The hotel was close, and so was the bar. After a quick change our travel companions met us at the bar where we began the process of drowning our "new Parent" sorrows in margaritas, cervezas, and tequila shots. We were traveling with some friends of ours who had a new baby in the last year, so it was all about the rest and relaxation. No planned excursions, no plans whatsoever.

Well, pretty much no plans. "The Plan" consisted of the gals having spa treatments the morning after our arrival, and after that anything goes. A play by play is really unnessary...highlights would be better:

  • Rolling around in the tidal waves at night with a bottle of champagne and giggling like a couple of thirteen year olds (the gals).
  • Watching football and Nascar on the screens at the No Name Cafe (the guys). (Note - IN MEXICO! They couldn't let it go even for a weekend!)

  • Dancing with a wedding party at Le Kliff (that would be me) and having the locals teach me how to move my caderas (hips in espaniol).
  • The oceanside massage while the guys slept it off (lightweights).

  • The Tequila and Wine Bar (sorry don't remember the name...imagine that)

  • Traveling with good friends.

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Brent said...

Even with the new picture you four still look just as drunk!!!!