Thursday, November 30, 2006

Lazy Day

Ahhhh...rainy days. The kids slept in this morning (8:00) and they will more than likely take a long nap. Rainy days seem to induce sleepyness, for the most part. Two hours ago they were running circles around the kitchen table and screaming at the top of their lungs. But for now...silence.

Even though its cold and rainy today, last weekend was beautiful! We went to McClumpha park on Sunday afternoon to get our play on before the cold sets in.

Sorry for no details...but it is a rainy day.
You'll have to excuse me , but my tea is done and the sofa calls!


Viscouse said...

You find the coolest places to go! I never even heard of that park (but know McClumpha street pretty well).

Cybill said...

It's where McClumpha deadends into Ann Arbor Trail. The colorfull river rock area where Nixon is playing is a huge sprinkler park that runs from Memorial weekend through Labor Day weekend. Its a really nice park.
There is also a sledding hill! :-)