Thursday, September 14, 2006

Typhoid Mary

Reaghan's feeling much better today, practically right as rain except for the ugly vesicles on her hands, feet, and mouth. Unfortunately, she is the only one who is feeling fine.

Nixon woke around 1:00 last night with a weak cry - he was burning up. I tried to give him a drink...nothing doing. I managed to get some Tylanol into him and rocked him for a bit. I put him back down and he settled for a bit. Round 1:45 he woke again - still burning up. I took him to bed with me and partially undressed him to help cool him off. He snuggled in with Bill and I and fell into a fitfull sleep. About an hour later ehan he finally felt cool I zipped him back into his PJs and brought him back to bed.

He woke feverish again...but no blisters. He spiked fevers up to 102 most of the day, but so far (cross your fingers) no blisters. His appetite is down and he's a bit whiny, but overall so far so good. I'm doing about the same...fevers, sore throat, not much appetite. I know that the virus that causes HFN also causes Strep, but to this day I have never had it and I fully intend NOT to get it. So there.

Bill has no symptoms, but he hurt his back lifting weights the other day - between the four of us we make a pretty picture.

Speaking of's a few lovlies.

Various pics of Reaghan's hands and a nice pic of the tired out looking boy.

By the should all bow down to my camera you know how hard it is to get a clear pic of a toddlers hands?? I took about fifteen and only got three!

Chat later when we are well!

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