Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Fowl Stalkers

First let me apologize to the masses for my long term hiatus from blogging. I was just whooped every evening this past week...I think it had alot to do with the weather. All I wanted to do after dinner is ride the magic sofa and watch Without A Trace. We had about 14 episodes on the DVR, so there was plenty of Pop Secret apoppin' every night (love the 94% Fat Free Kettle Corn).

On Saturday Bill had the fantastic idea about taking the babes out for breakfast at the Diner. I was a bit hesitant since they have showed little interest in breakfast as of late, but figured they were so used to the Diner (we are there almost every Friday night) that even if they didn't eat they would just kinda hang out. Nope. All they did was throw food and whine to get down from their seats...so much for breakfast out.

The real fun began when we got home. We had pulled into the driveway and started unloading the babes when we heard a commotion out on Lilley. Cars were stopped in both directions for a "herd" of ducks crossing the road. The ducks crossed our neighbors yard and stopped when they saw us. Nixon and Reaghan were absolutely frozen in their wonderment. I ran inside and got a bunch of bread and they both giggled and clapped as we threw bread to the ducks. When the bread was gone we went inside through the garage door.

About ten minutes later Bill opened the garage door to take out the trash - lo and behold the herd was parked in the garage. All the ducks were sitting there waiting by the door into the house for more food! He closed the door in a hurry.

B - "No way. The ducks are out there."
C - "Wadda you mean...they're still in the yard?"
B - "No...they are in the garage."
C - "No way." I went over and opened the door and this is what I was confronted with:

Not one to let an opportunity like this go without making it much worse, I had the bright idea of feeding them more bread in the garage.
Let me tell you one thing about ducks...they eat, they poop. Period. Then the kids got involved and scared the crap (literally) out of them.

When it was all said and done, Bill had to hose out the garage.
Between the ducks, two babes, two cats, and a dog I think we've had just about all the sh*t we can deal with around here for a while...

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Viscouse said...

That's awesome! What a (messy) treat.