Monday, December 11, 2006

Ho Ho Holy Smokes I'm Beat!

We had our big extended family Christmas party on Saturday here at our house. I decided to host it here because it would be much easier on the kids schedules - they would get a full nap, and could be put down for the night not too much later than normal. It was alot of fun and I was very happy that I had made the decision. It was a huge undertaking; decorating, menu planning, cleaning, and all the errand running that a large party entails...but it was a blast! Not only did the adults have fun, the kids heads were practically spinning off from excitement!

Speaking of spinning, here is a pic of Reaghan and her cousin Cassidy doing just that. The two gals danced in circles holding hands for half of the night. Reaghan adored having another girl around to play with, I think especially since most of their firends that they see on a regular basis are boys. Reaghan was on cloud nine.

Nixon didn't really play as much as the two girls did. He basically walked around stuffing his face with snacks and sipping on a cup of lemonade. You know...typical guys stuff. He did enjoy opening presents and was really impressed with a book that they received from Lauren (AKA baby sitter extrordinare), but mostly I think he loved the plethora of food. He looks a little stuffed in this pic.

Well, the kids are banging on the wall upstairs - thats my cue that they are done with nap. I'll have to continue this later....

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