Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Doc's notes

The babes, B, and I made a lovely trip to the peds office today. You wouldn't know it from the way Nixon screamed though the whole time that it was just a routine check-up. The poor kid thought we had brought him to some strange tourture chamber for the afternoon. He just HATES the doc - I have no idea why. Reaghan just sits there pleased as pie while she is being weighed, measured, and temped while Nixon has a total freak out...what gives?
Besides all the drama, we were given the twin babe seal of approval. Nixon is 31 inches and 23.6 lbs, Reaghan is 31 inches as well, but a mere 21.4 lbs. Skinny gal! She is in the 90% for height and Dr. R thinks she will be a tall little lady. No worries about her weight, shes just a light eater (typical toddler gal). That will come in handy during her future supermodel / neurosurgeon lifestyle. :-)

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