Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Sick? Its summer!

Who knows how these things happen, but Nixon and Reaghan both have ear infections. I was really hoping to avoid any summer illnesses, but I guess thats a pretty wild wish considering their age. They havn't been too grouchy, thankfully, because we caught it really quick this time and got them to the doc for treatment. Here we go again with the nighttime wake up for amoxicillian...yikes.

On a much lighter note I wanted to talk about, well...talking. It is absolutely mind boggling how many words these guys are picking up on a daily basis. We are constantly being suprised by new ones. For example, Bill had the fridge open earlier and Nixon leaned in for a look and proclaimed "pepper". Bill took a look and lo and behold there sat a green pepper. Where in the world did he pick up that it was a pepper? I always tell them what I'm buying at the grocery store, but generally they don't seem to be paying too much attention - at least I thought they weren't.

A new fun game around here is "get a kid to say that". We've gotten them to say all sorts of funny things like "rock on" and "metal", which come out more like "wok on" and "meddle". We have also been trying to get them to do the 'metal' hand sign, but that is proving to be a bit more of a challange. The game can provide endless hours of amusement, though the other side of this is the occasional naughty word. My ever amusing husband thought it would be funny to teach his highly impressionable daughter to say shit. Funny for about five minutes, but now I'm worried that our kids will become "those kids with the potty mouths". Thankfully she seems to have forgotten that word.

At least for now...

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