Sunday, June 17, 2007


Today Reaghan was running around with no bottoms on, she has a little diaper rash and I was giving it some air. We were in the den playing and she suddenly stood up and said "Pee Pee muma."
"Do you have to go pee pee Reaghan?"
"Yeah. Pee Pee on potty." She started to climb up the stairs to the bathroom. We made it up both flights of stairs and into the bathroom. She plopped down on the potty and...I heard it! The telltale patter of pee pee into the potty!!


Of coarse this is just a fluke, I'm sure. We havn't even had the potty out or have been trying - I just got it out of the closet in the bathroom at her request. She was pretty pleased with herself, and I gave her a sticker, so I'm really glad it was a good experiance but I am not betting on anything else any time soon.

But still...WOOOHOOO!

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Kristen said...

girls are way too easy.........! way to go! maybe i'm just jelous!!!!