Monday, April 30, 2007

Along Came Bo Bo

For the past year I have been trying to get Reaghan to say Nixon's name. I'm not exactly sure why she doesn't, maybe the 'x' in the name itself is too difficult for her toddler vocab, but as of late I think that she had just renamed him long ago and I had mistaken it for toddler babble.

She calls him "Bo Bo".

Initially it was thought that she was calling him "Bubba", because I had started calling him that last summer and still do time to time. Bubba came along during the heat of last summer when I was putting him in only a pair of overalls with no t-shirt or socks while he played. Combined with his tubby toddler tummy he was the picture of a Bubba, especially when he would put his hands in the back pockets while standing. While we were in the car one afternoon, Reaghan said something, pointed to Nix, and said what sounded to me like 'Bubba'. "Where's Bubba?" I asked. Rea pointed to Nixon and said "Bo Bo". We practiced this over and over for the past two weeks to perfect it and now she calls him Bo Bo all the time.

On Sunday morning we did our monthly split the kids up day and Reaghan and I went shopping while the guys went to the petstore. Off and on during our shopping trip Rea would inquire "Bo Bo?" I would answer that Bo Bo and Daddy went to run errands while we shopped. She would nod and carry on with whatever she was doing. Pulling into a restaurant I told her that we were stopping to have lunch and asked her if she was hungry. She nodded and replied "Eat. Bo Bo, Da?"
"No honey, Nixon and Daddy went somewhere else for lunch. We will see them when we get home." Satisfied, she turned her attention back to her book.
When I got the check after lunch I let her know we would be leaving soon. "Bye Bye? Bo Bo, Da?" She was wondering if we were going to see them. I told her we were.
When we got home, Nixon and Bill were on the front sidewalk with the tricycle. Reaghan was giggling and waving at them from the car.
So...after all of that asking about her brother and her daddy guess where she ran once she got out of the car...
To the tricycle.

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