Sunday, March 11, 2007

Identity Theft

If there is one thing that I have learned in my almost two years of twin parenting, its that as soon as you figure them out, that's when they're gonna change it up on you.

We have had a total turn around in personalities in this household. Nixon has gone from a shy, clingy, dare I say it, momma's boy, to a pushy, bullying, machismo daddy's little man. He generally wants nothing to do with me anymore, preferring the company of dada and the ensuing rough house play. On the other had, Reaghan, who has always been a pushy daddy's girl, is now totally submitting to her brothers commands and clinging all over me all hours of the day. Strange. I'm not sure what to think of it.

The weirdest thing is I am just a tiny bit upset by Nixon's new found independence. I used to complain that the kid wouldn't let me get a thing done because all he wants to do is be held, but now he won't even let me pick him up at all. I kinda miss my little buddy. I realise that it is a good thing for him - he was way over dependent, but with his move from me I think it just hit me solid in the stomach that they just aren't ever gonna be my little babies anymore. They are going to stop wanting so many hugs and kisses (yech muma), sooner or later I'll start to get the eye rolls (mom...don't kiss me in front of my friends) and before you know it they'll start wanting me to drop them off a block from school so their friends don't know their mommie still drives them - okay, maybe I'm getting a bit ahead of myself here. But the point is, when they are infants the months seem like forever, but as soon as they start to walk its like time kinda doubles up on itself. It seems like they just became toddlers, and now I'm looking at about a year until preschool.
On an upside, with the sudden turn in weather the kids have been going bonkers to play outside. Yesterday we put their rain boots on, tucked their pantlegs in, and let them stomp in puddles for an hour or so. Afterwards we had a nice lunch at La Shish and once we got home the kids blessed us with a THREE HOUR NAP!! Sooooo nice of them since muma hadn't gotten a wink of sleep thanks to the congested snore monster I've been sharing a bed with. We just can't wait for summer!!

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