Friday, March 02, 2007

I got shushed

The kids have been learning alot during their daytimes at the learning center. Some of them are really helpful...they carry their plates to the sink, they wipe thier own noses, they are getting very good at the whole fork/spoon thing. Other things are just kinda funny. The other day we were giving them their night time bath - I was trying to get Reaghan to stand up so that I could wash her bottom, but she was way too busy playing with a tub toy.
"Come on Rea, stand up so muma can wash your bottom."
no reponse
"Reaghan, stand up so muma can wash your bottom."
Reaghan turns quickly towards me and put her index finger over her lips
"Shhh." She then turns back to her toy
Bill and I just kinda sat there in disbelief for a second.
"Reaghan, what did..."
"Shhh." again with the finger over the lip

I was reminded of one of the Austin Powers movies where Dr. Evil is shushing someone at the table. "Before you even go there...shhhh."


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Viscouse said...

It amazes me how somehow, some way, all of a sudden & without nary a warning, part of them grew way more than the rest of them. I've only seen it once or twice with my girls.