Thursday, May 28, 2009


Scene: Interior of 2003 Pontiac Grand Am at rush hour. Mama C is driving, Reaghan and Nixon are buckled in the back.

R - "Mama...why are we going this way?"
C - "Because this is the way home."
R - "Why?"
C - " just is. This is where they built the road."
R - "Daddy goes another way. Why?"
C - "I don't know...I just like to take this way and he likes to take that way."
R - "Why?"
C - (sigh) "I'm not sure, Reaghan. There are lots of ways home."
R - "Why are there lots of ways?"
C - "Because they built alot of roads."
R - "Why?"
C - "They just did...can we stop with the questions?"
R - "Why?"
C - "Because mama is tired of the questions right now."
R - "Why is mama tired of the questions?"
C - (sigh)

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