Tuesday, November 11, 2008


I've been tagged by Melissa at Twincredible Twosome to come up with eight things that you might not know about me.

Here goes!

  1. I read at a freakishly fast rate. It is really quite alarming how fast I can suck books down. I just finished re-reading the whole Harry Potter series (all seven of them) in about five weeks. Remember, I work full time and I insist on a minimum of seven hours of shut eye a night!

  2. I once had seven piercings in my body...a total of two were in my ears.

  3. I have two tattoos, and for a while I had bigger tats than my husband (he has since shown me up...to the needle I go!)

  4. Years ago I was a Go Go dancer at one of the hottest clubs in Grand Rapids (The Reptile House). I was much thinner then (the pics are outrageous!).

  5. I am absolutely enthralled with the science of the body and will sometimes re-read my schoolbooks for fun.

  6. I was a total nerd while I was growing up. Not in the super cool "nerd rock" way that is popular now, but in the weird shy girl in the corner with the frizzy hair and glasses whose nose is always buried in a book kinda way. I had NO friends...none. I think I didn't talk at all in a whole school day, unless it was to answer every single question the teacher asked...no wonder I didn't have friends!!

  7. I avoid shaving my legs like the plague. I will wear pants in ninety degree weather just to not do it. I just hate doing it. (Don't worry...I do it when necessary!!)

  8. My children are NOT named after the presidents.

Thats it!

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