Monday, February 12, 2007

Coming Up For Air

Hello world...nice to see you again.

Thats been pretty much the feeling ever since I went back to work. So far rejoining the workforce has been such a freeing (is that a word?) experiance for me that I really don't even notice or mind how tiring it can be. Besides, it is true what 'they' say - its a totally different kinda tired than chasing after a set of 21 month olds all day.

I really enjoy my job, most of my co workers, and the wonderful sense of accomplishment I get after completing a job well done - messy or not. The best part of it all has been the feeling that my life is under some sort of control again, not that it was spiraling down into the abyss before returning to my career, but anyone with toddlers knows that their days are only as predictable as their kids moods at the time - and they change just as quickly as Michigan weather. So now for the most part I can expect a certain amount of order to my day, and a certain amount of disorder at the end of the day which I feel much more capable of handling - and even enjoying.

Oh! I almost forgot! Remember that guest spot I promised everyone a bit back? Look for my friend Leighla to pop in and chat you up in the near future...


cmauro9 said...

Use spell check when posting in your blog. Experience not experiance. -1 for technical errors. I'll still give it an A- though.

Cybill said...

Everyone's a critik!

Or is it critic? ;->